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Camp Grace, God

Long time no write! I’m doing a little rebranding on this blog, but in the very best way. I will now use it to post updates about the incredible new journey I’m about to embark upon.

Firstly, if we do not know each other, I’m Katie, a senior PR and religion major at UGA. Seventeen months ago, my life changed when I arrived at Camp Grace for the first time. I was nervous, I didn’t know anybody, and it was a fluke that I had heard about this camp and gotten the job. However, I was excited to start my work as a missionary to 100s of underprivileged children in Georgia. Funny how God works when you’re willing to take a step out of your comfort zone. blog 3 I’m excited to announce that after graduating in May, I will be taking another step out of my comfort zone and step into the position of communications director at the same camp I quickly fell in love with in the summer of 2013. In case you are unfamiliar with Camp Grace, it is a nonprofit that partners with urban ministries to share God’s love with kids using a top-notch camp experience. We focus on sharing the Gospel with these kids while giving them an opportunity to ‘be kids.’

For many kids, camp is their only opportunity to get out of the city and explore God’s creation. You can also look at this past post of mine that talks about camp and my work there, or check out the website. I’m grateful that I will be applying what I’ve learned in PR within an organization that I’m crazy about. I’ll be updating social media (plug: follow, follow, follow) working with our donor base, raising awareness, and designing graphics and publications. All I can do is praise God for His sovereignty, for only he knew when I chose my major three years ago that camp would have a need for marketing and communications personnel as I finished school. Talk about perfect timing. blog 1 While I’m unbelievably excited about this opportunity, working at camp is hard. I must have people to come beside me and support me in several ways, including:

  • Prayer and Encouragement
    • Prayer that God will give me wisdom in this job, that He will continue to teach me, and that everything I do will be for His Glory
    • Prayer that Camp Grace will constantly point children and supporters to Christ
    • Sharing encouragement through scripture and how God has been working in your life
  • Resources
    • Give towards my monthly salary of 2,500
  • Social Media
    • Like Camp Grace on Facebook and help me display what God’s doing at camp by sharing and liking posts (Facebook)
    • Follow camp on Twitter and Instagram (@TheCampGrace)

***(SN: Although It may seem trivial, social media is crucial and a huge part of my job. The more you invite people to like or follow us, share our posts or even like or leave comments, the more awareness we raise and the more support we get from donors. This is so important!)

If you are interested in supporting me in any way, please let me know send me your contact info at Katie@thecampgrace.com so I can add you to my e-newsletter. If you are interested in supporting me monetarily, all donations made are tax-deductible and can be mailed to 2559 Walker Chapel Rd. Roberta, GA, 31078. On the memo line of your check, please designate “Katie King salary support.” If you would like to give online, donations may be made at http://www.thecampgrace.com/donate with a notation for “Katie King salary support.” While monthly donations are preferred, any gift will be greatly appreciated. blog 2 Thank you for reading this lengthy post and for your support. I will be updating this blog regularly about how God is at work in me and at camp. – K blog 4

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