An Internet Gem.


Before I share the newest, most amazing and addicting site on the entire internet, here are four things that have been going on:

1. I found out today that I’ll be stretching my PR muscles once again by teaming up with Bugs4Christ for another awesome project. I’m sure I will dedicate a post to that later.

2. I’ve eaten around seven avocados in the last two weeks. Guacamole basically runs through my veins and I’m happy about it.

3.  A tree fell across our street and into our yard at around 5 a.m. on Sunday. It caused a transformer to explode not too far from my window, and I was pretty convinced that I was going to die. Thankfully, nobody and no cars were hurt, but I wasn’t a fan of being woken up to the ear-splitting sound of a tree falling and snapping numerous power lines.

4. Speaking of our house, we finally gave it a name- The Penthouse. The name has a long back story, which I may or may not type up later. Naming houses is a sort of an RUF tradition in Athens, so it’s a big deal that we finally came up with a title.

NOW for the internet gem. I recently stumbled upon FOUND, which is a National Geographic blog. Nat Geo is possibly my favorite magazine on the planet, and I was pretty much ecstatic when I found this.

What is FOUND? I’ll leave it to the site itself to explain:

“FOUND is a curated collection of photography from the National Geographic archives. In honor of our 125th anniversary, we are showcasing photographs that reveal cultures and moments of the past. Many of these photos have never been published and are rarely seen by the public.”

Basically, this blog showcases a bunch of unpublished, beautiful Nat Geo pictures. I’m drooling.

I was going to share a few links to my favorite pictures on the blog, but I can’t choose. They are all marvelous. So please, just go explore the beauty of FOUND.


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