R-E-S-P-E-C-T y’all

Just Life and Stuff

I am disappointed with American citizens tonight.

I am not upset that Obama won. I wasn’t a huge fan of either candidate; both men have good and not-so-good views. I am upset, however, about how people have handled this.

I know tension about politics has gone on for centuries, but tonight I witnessed attacks on social media, degrading comments about the candidates, and complaints about the ignorance of people (usually those of whom belong to the opposite party).

What’s happening? We were made to love one another, and we must RESPECT our leaders. Although I may not agree with our president, I do agree with Romans 13, in that we should respect and honor our leaders.

Even if you disregard the Bible, thousands of people in history have dedicated their lives to achieving equal rights and freedom. We should at least honor these men and women by addressing others (including our leaders) with respect and dignity. Political views DO NOT make people less or greater than others.

Say a prayer for our leaders tonight, and thank God that we have the freedom to choose who they are. We’re forgetting how amazing our country is..